Powder Brows
Powder Brows

Get your summer ready Feather Touch Brows and Powder Brows sorted this winter!

The beauty experts say that the trend of Feather Touch brows and Powder Brows is not going anywhere anytime soon, so why not start thinking about getting your brows perfect for summer? Our fellow Sydney Gals are doing it too!! check out the link !


The natural fuller fluffy Feather Touch Brow look is something you need to get on trend this winter to have those perfect sweat proof and water proof brows for our hot Aussie summers to come!
The older traditions of brow pencils and powders are fine but not really convenient to us daily anymore. These methods temporarily enhance your eyebrows, but think wisely, are you ready to devote your precious sleep time to properly work on your brows? Not to mention having to reapply after a sweet session at the gym or fun at the beach/pool? I don’t think so! Consider Feather Touch Brows as its more efficient option that can give you the sexy summer brows without the daily or hourly struggle of reapplying due to heat or water activities. This makes Feather Touch Brows a completely trending beauty hack in relation to our stinking hot Aussie climate. Your busy schedules will not restrict you from taking care of how you look by choosing Feather Touch Brows available in Brisbane. With your “ always on point” Feather Touch Brows , you can devote your precious time that you have saved to the rest of your grooming or that little bit more of a sleep in!
Feather Touch Brows is the most fashionable and popular type of eyebrow tattooing technique, filling in your brows with natural hair stroke patterns. Powder Brows is becoming a favourite for women that want more full bodied brows. This technique is as if you have coloured in your brows with a pencil. These techniques work together to give you a flawless natural look that will last for on average two years, and will not sweet or wash off while you enjoy your summer activities!
You can now enjoy your extra half and hour sleep as you won’t need to wake up early and spend time stencilling with the eyebrow pencil to create the fuller brow look.

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