Feather Brows in Brisbane
Feather Brows in Brisbane

Have you ever wondered where Brow Tattooing came from ?

So where did brow tattooing come from? The answer is simply this, the Chinese created the now current trend over 2000 years ago by using pieces of bamboo to stippler or puncture the skin with dye. This tradition was extremely popular in Asia and has since over these many years morphed into more modern and reliable techniques. Brow Tattooing is an art and therefore choosing your Brow Tattooing Artist is very important to achieve the Perfect Brows. Choose a reputable and licensed Brow Tattooing Artist. Professional Brow Tattooing in Brisbane can be found at Perfect Brow Design, with years of experience and only using top quality pigments you can now achieve the Perfect Brows. There are different methods and styles to select such as Feather Brows, Microblading, Powder Brows and Powder Ombré Brows. Contact the professional Brow Expert in Brisbane and start your Perfect Brow Journey.

Interested to know more?

Check out Perfect Brow Design’s brow tattooing service. If you’re keen to book in for your own brow tattooing service, contact Celeigh via her contact page or on Facebook.

Brow tattooing in Brisbane

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