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Radiation Camouflage

Radiation Camouflage Brisbane

If you’ve got radiation markers that remind you of your battle with cancer, our Radiation Camouflage in Brisbane is for you. This technique uses micropigmentation with tattoo pigment to conceal radiation markers, making them look like small moles or freckles. This treatment can help some individuals put the memory of your battle with cancer further in the distance.

Are You Eligible?

After successfully battling cancer and/or that go through radiation therapy, you will see radiation markers on your skin, that’s normal. After this therapy some individuals wish to conceal their radiation marks. That makes you a good candidate for a radiation camouflage tattoo (pending your Doctors permission).

Radiation Camouflage Process

Radiation camouflage process is easy and painless. We will use colour theory to select the right pigment that will neutralise the colour of the radiation marker. Then the micropigmentation will disguise the marker, making it look like a freckle or a mole. With a pen-like instrument that delivers a needle prick, the radiation marker is covered in seconds. Got questions about our radiation camouflage in Brisbane? Call us!

Please complete the Medical Consent Form and bring it along to your appointment with Celeigh.