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Skin Treatments

Skin Treatment Brisbane: Chemical Peels

Chemical peel service is a Perfect Brow Design’s skin treatment in Brisbane. AHA and BHA Peels are types of chemical peels designed to improve skin health and obtain a beautiful glow. Both types of peels’ main benefits are for treating acne and hormonal breakouts, also blocked pores, pigmentation, and sun damaged skin among others. Both peels are ideal for skin rejuvenation and treating fine to deep facial lines.

These two chemical peels promote exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin, loosening the topmost layer of dead skin. When the layer of dead skin cells is removed, skin feels smoother and vibrant. Pores are also clearer. Our chemical peels are best for people who have blemish-prone skin, post-acne pigmentation, and dull and rough-looking aging skin.

Skin Treatment Brisbane: Dermapen 4TM

As a revolutionary skin micro-needling treatment, Dermapen 4TM has minimum downtime which promotes scarless healing and natural collagen production to improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, and pigmentation, rejuvenating the skin in the process. The launch of Dermapen 4TM has set a standard and benchmark in micro-needling and procedural transformation and we at Perfect Brow Design are proud to use this technology.

Dermapen 4TM or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a minimally-invasive procedure that improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars by stimulating existing collagen and elastin. Dermapen 4TM is recognised in over 70 countries as the best CIT Medical Device.

Skin Treatment Brisbane: Epiblading/Epidermal Levelling

This beauty and cosmetic treatment in Brisbane is known by many names but is the same service! If you want to feel amazing and shake off that dull skin look then this is the right service for you! There is no recovery time so you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

Epiblading, also known as Microplaning or Blading or Epidermal Levelling, is a non-invasive procedure for the removal of the outermost layers of dead skin cells and fine hairs on the face. This treatment involves exfoliation of targeted areas of the surface layers of the skin using a very small blade. The blade is stroked along the skin at a 45 degree angle to remove the dead skin and fine hair safely.

The result of having this treatment is the skin is immediately freshened and vitalised, even after one treatment. Clients often benefit from follow up treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart to further assist in smoothing the top layers of the skin and removing fine hair.