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Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattoo Brisbane: Powder Brows

Perfect Brow Design offers cosmetic tattoo in Brisbane including powder brows. Powder Brows is a soft finish that generally replaces brow powders and pencils. Powder Brows are a good option for those of you ladies who want a bit more definition compared to feather brows which are designed to fill in and fluff up the existing structure. Mist Brows are for someone wanting soft definition with an extremely natural finish. Remember there are many vegan pigment shades available so don’t confuse this look with the old style of the “block brow” which is dark and harsh.

Cosmetic Tattoo Brisbane: Microblading & Digital Feather Touch Brows

Feathered Eyebrows (Microblading brows and digital Feather Brows) is an innovative method of drawing 3D hair strokes directly on the skin surface using a specially designed hand tool, along with an all-natural vegan pigment. Individual hair strokes are created to produce a fuller, more defined brow. Feathered Eyebrows can fill in sparse brows or create an entire brow. The 3D effect adds realism to the end result. The same look applies to the Digital Feather Brows however the strokes are delivered with a Cosmetic Digital device.

Cosmetic Tattoo Brisbane: Eyeliner Tattooing

“The eyes are the window to the soul” as they say and also what most people notice about someone when they first meet. Permanent eye makeup does not smudge or smear and stays perfect all the time. It can enhance your eye shape, size and colour, and help you optically even out your eyes if one is smaller, rounder or higher than the other. Permanent eyeliner not only opens, widens, and brightens the eye area, it also gives the illusion of thick voluminous lashes and more definition to the eye.


Cosmetic Tattoo Brisbane: Lash Enhancement Tattooing

Lash Enhancement Tattooing is for everyone, especially those who have gappy and sparse lashes. Thicker lashes emphasise the eyes and make your face look more youthful. The difference between Lash Enhancement and tattoo eyeliner is that you tattoo the pigment in between the lash line, but not above it as eyeliner is visible on and above the lash line. This is perfect for those of you who tend to be more conservative and want a natural look.

Cosmetic Tattoo Brisbane: Lip Tattooing

Lip Tattooing or Micro-pigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing changes the size, shape and age of the lips to make them look fuller and youthful. It can prevent lipstick from bleeding and camouflages facial lines around the lips as a result of aging. All Lip Tattooing styles additionally camouflages uneven lip pigment due to natural pigment loss or scarring. This tattooing technique restores the shape and natural colour to your lips, improves your existing shape, and corrects an asymmetrical outline for a more proportionate shaped mouth. Want to try this cosmetic tattoo in Brisbane? Contact us!

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