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 Perfect Brow Design For The Best Brows and Beauty in Brisbane!

Do you have Eyebrows that are too sparse, patchy and need a new shape ? Or simply pale lips that need redefinement and colour ? Or Simply just tired of putting on daily eyeliner?

Well you’ve clicked on the right website because only ‘Perfection’ is accepted !

Great eyebrows are one of the best beauty assets of every woman. A Semi Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement can turn skimpy and shapeless eyebrows into a fuller well shaped brow making you look younger and perfectly symmetrical. For those who desire the more fullness of the brows will love the time-saving procedure of Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing in styles such as Microblading Feather Brows or Ombre Powder Brows with the help of Brow Tattooing in Brisbane .  Natural beautiful looking eyebrows help transform and highlight your beautiful features and also help to frame your face perfectly making you look more attractive. So why not try Initial Brow Waxing at Perfect Brow Design or Cosmetic Tattooing to get your eyebrows on the right path to perfection. Perfect Brow Design has full licensing to ensure that your treatment is performed to all health protcols enforced by the Brisbane City Council.

Ditch your Eyebrow makeup forever!

Whether you want your brows to be of more defined or simply just filled in naturally, connect with a reliable expert having years of experience to design your enhanced brow shape. Trust in Perfect Brow Design to deliver your ‘Perfect Brows’ located in Indooroopilly close to the Brisbane city centre. You also can achieve a beautiful natural looking brow or defined eye liner or lash definition or sexy lips with the Eyeliner tattooing, Microblading, Powder Brows or Lip Tattooing.   Each technique of cosmetic tattooing on the face can perfectly match your style, skin tone and fashion needs. There are many pigment tones to choose from so rest assure the perfect brow tone or lip tone can also be achieved from the darkest of complexions to the fairest of blonde complexions.

Why do many ladies need or choose Brow Tattooing ?

Eyebrows are the slowest growing hair on your body and can lose density and defined shape over the years. Here a few reasons of losing the density of the brow:

  • Over zealous usage of tweezers
  • Eyebrows are present but not seen because of too fair hair.
  • Hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • A medical condition called Alopecia
  • Thyroid problem
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Simply to just enhance or re create a shape that’s desired

Cosmetic Tattooing has the ability to give beautiful enhancement to all of your facial features by eyebrows and your eyes natural definition by Brow Tattooing, Eyeliner Tattooing and Lip Tattooing to help accentuate your eyes and face giving the required self-confidence to take the world by stride. Cosmetic Tattooing gives your brows a definite shape, even looking density, colour, balance, and symmetry. Emerge as a more confident you after experiencing your beauty service at Perfect Brow Design.