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Great eyebrows are a must for the modern woman and for lashes and brows, our brow and lash bar in Brisbane is your go-to place. Specialising in Brows, Perfect Brow Design offers the BEST Brow Wax in Brisbane!! We use Brow Mapping to get your brows shaped perfectly, this includes a full shaping consultation and complimentary brow tint for your first visit. For those ladies who desire a more-semi permanent solution there is Cosmetic Tattooing. These styles available include Microblading Feather Brows, Powder Brows, 3D Powder Ombre Brows, and Feather strokes or Powder Mist Brows.

Initial Brow Design Includes Brow Mapping, Shaping, Waxing and Tinting or Stain $85
Follow up appointments :
Under 6 weeks $45
After 6 weeks $60 

Henna Brows

Henna Brows are made from completely natural ingredients achieving the perfect natural colour and temporary tattooing effect to make your eyes look framed and defined. The Henna Tattoo staining effect can last between 5-10 days on selected skin types up to 4 weeks for the dye on your brow hair. Your very first visit to Perfect Brow Design will include a comprehensive analysis and design using the techniques of string lining or otherwise known as Brow Mapping using a measuring tool to achieve your perfect brow shape for your face. This appointment will usually take around 45 minutes to Brow Map your eyebrow design, plus precision waxing of your brow shape and also to allow the Henna dye to process. Looking for the best brow and lash bar in Brisbane? Call us!