paramedical tattoo brisbane

Paramedical Tattooing


Perfect Brow Design offers services for a paramedical tattoo in Brisbane. If you’re looking to cover your scars, stretch marks, recolour skin that has lost its shade for example removal of the nipples due to cancer surgery, then paramedical tattooing is for you. More than what has been mentioned, paramedical tattooing is a form of semi permanent makeup. By offering this service, we aim to help the person restore their physical integrity, and in some cases, help the person get back their confidence and help the person recover from a traumatic incident. Our services for a paramedical tattoo in Brisbane are semi permanent, requiring annual retouch to maintain the best look possible.

Areola Tattooing

Areola Tattooing has become the most recognised treatment for breast cancer survivors after surgery. Realistic 3D designs of areola and nipples are tattooed post-mastectomy, helping the survivors regain self-confidence and reinforce body positivity.

Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage is the implanting of ink to assist with disguising the scarred skin to an even skin tone or colour. This paramedical tattooing of concealing scarred areas on the face and body of clients helps in enhancing confidence for both men and women.

Radiation Camouflage

If you’ve got radiation markers that remind you of your battle with cancer, Radiation Camouflage is for you. This technique uses micropigmentation with tattoo ink to conceal radiation markers, helping you put the memory of your uncomfortable battle with cancer behind you.

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