What is Microblading ? Brow Tattooing now in Brisbane !

What is Microblading ?

Microblading feather tattoo is a technique that places tiny like hair strokes of colour pigment beneathe the surface of the skin. This technique achieves a very natural non fake looking brow. Every major city is trending this hot technique and so of course Brisbane Brow Tattooing is becoming a thing fast !


Does Microblading hurt ?

NO !!

A topical anaethestic is applied before your treatment and can be topped up during your treatment if required by a highly sensitive person. Health and neurological factors can affect this however to the general healthy population this is a very comfortable procedure.

What shape can I achieve?

Every person has a unique face and brow shape. A full consultation of accurate measuring and brow design takes place before tattooing to ensure all tastes and brow designs are achieved

What colour can I have?

There are arrange of colours and tones to choose from. During your brow shape and measuring all colour options are discussed, explained, displayed and agreed on.

Who can have this Microblading procedure ?

Over 18 years old and in good physical health.

Who can not have this procedure ?

A person with Cancer, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Using blood thinners or pregnant and breast feeding. Also a person currently on any Accutane medications, must wait 6 months after finishing course. Persons with certain skin diseases.

How long does Microblading last ?

Microbladed brows usually lasts between 1 to 2 years depending on skins’ oiliness and health and lifestyle factors.

What factors will affect my longevity of my Microbladed Feather Brows ?

After care, dry healing is required after tattoo. All aftercare instructions are provided during your feather tattoo appointment in writing. If Feather Brows are done with a Tattoo Machine you can apply wet healing using Bepathen cream. Both types of Feather Brows are available at Perfect Brow Design.

The time it takes for the skin to absorb the pigment this can be affected by age.
For eg. The younger the skin the quicker the cell rejuvenation.

Lighter pigments fade faster.

Lifestyle factors, it is recommended to use sun protection over your healed feather tattoo everyday to minimise fading.

Avoid chemical peels and laser over your brow area. These treatments will fade your feather brow tattoo.

What do i do before my treatment ?

It is recommended to avoid medications and alcohol before treatment that causes thinning of the blood. Eg of over the counter medications or supplements include;
Vitamin E
Fish Oil
Alcohol and caffiene to be avoided the day before

Is it safe and hygenic ?


Perfect Brow Design adheres to the highest level of hygiene only using disposables needles and supplies.

From reading this blog you can see how getting your brows tattooed is easy, safe and most importantly is going to deliver you the perfect brows you’ve always wished for !

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