Epi - blading
Epi - blading

Epi-Blading also known as Dermaplaning is a hot new treatment In Brisbane!

Dermaplaning and Epi-Blading Treatments. 

Our facial skin is exposed to environmental factors and experiences a decline in biological facts as age creeps in. Such factors can present as fine lines and wrinkles as well as a build up of dead skin. Without effective exfoliating treatments our skin can look tired and clogged. 

Epi Blading also known as Derma-planning is a gentle method of deeply exfoliating the skin with no associated down time. This treatment is performed with a surgical blade tipped on a 45 degree angle. The blade removes the outer layers of the skin and any fine hairs that we commonly describe as peach fuzz or vellus hair as its technical term. 

This treatment combats the signs of ageing and is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin not suitable to chemical forms of exfoliation or microdermabrasion. 

Skin Conditions Suited for Epi-Blading

Anyone wanting smoother skin generally or for makeup application

Sun damaged skin

Fine lines

Thickened skin

Congested Skin

At Perfect Brow Design all Epi – Blading treatments come with a complimentary AHA skin peel valued at $60.


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