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Powder Brows | Perfect Brow Design

Best Powder Brows In Brisbane, Get the low down !

Powder Brows and Ombre Brows, get the low down here! For those of you who are extra curious here’s an extra link for you !


Have you ladies been hearing about Powder Brows and Ombre Brows in Brisbane?

Get natural looking Eyebrows with Powder-Filled Technique called Powder Brows or Ombre Brow Tattooing. Your eyebrows dramatically change the overall look of your facial features so therefore is it important for them to be perfect! Eyebrows accentuate your eyes while shaping and supporting your entire face. Shape, colour and texture are all aspects of how your eyebrows look and define your eyes. Getting your Powder Brows in Brisbane is the best way to enhance your brows whilst keeping a natural yet defined look. 

Powder Brows or otherwise know as 3D Powder Ombre Brows is one of the most ideal procedures for those who still have their natural fluffy brows and just want to define the shape more. Powder Brows is also a good technique for those who have lost hair in spots due to over plucking, accident or illness. A soft powdery colour resembling your natural colour is used to fill in the spars areas of the brow. The Powder Brow Filled technique is used in some cases rather than hair strokes as the person already has eyebrow hair that they are happy with. In this case their over all eyebrow shape is already in place but the client just wants more definition. This technique is suitable for those who want to fill in, shape or enhance what is already present or recreate what once was for all you over pluckers out there!

What to expect after the initial procedure is complete? As soon as the initial procedure is completed the colour starts to appear a bit darker that expected but fades after a week or so in intensity. It will take a few weeks for the brows to heal completely. By the end of the first week, the colour will lighten to the chosen shade. You will be advised by your Professional not to go swimming in pools, and avoid similar activities during these healing stages to ensure the colour sets completely. If a touch up is required it will be done a month or two after the initial procedure for the best results. You are in the hands of a Professional Cosmetic Tattoo artist at Perfect Brow Design Brisbane who is fully license, accredited and insured. 

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