Lash Enhancement Tattooing Chelmer


Looking to get a lash enhancement tattoo in Chelmer? Perfect Brow Design offers lash line enhancement to give you more defined and beautiful lashes. So, go and book an appointment! Please note: $100 deposit is required when booking to hold and confirm your appointment time and is non-refundable with NO exceptions.

Whether you want to have the appearance of fuller lashes, are going for a no-makeup makeup vibe yet defined or want a picture-perfect base for your eyes every morning, then lash enhancement tattooing is for you!

Why choose Lash Enhancement Tattooing?

If you have gappy and sparse lashes, then lash enhancement tattooing is for you. Thicker lashes emphasise the beauty of the eyes and make your face look more youthful. The difference between Lash Enhancement and Eyeliner Tattoo is that you tattoo the pigment in between the lash line, but not above it as eyeliner is visible on and above the lash line. This is perfect for those of you who tend to be more conservative and want a natural look. Got questions about getting lash enhancement tattoo in Chelmer? Talk to us!

Please complete the Medical Consent Form and bring it along to your appointment with Celeigh.