Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Vitamin A Peel | Perfect Brow DesignVitamin A Medical Peel $99

Vitamin A & C Medical Peel $150

Both these chemical peel is designed to improve skin health and obtain a beautiful glow. Its main benefits is for treating acne and hormonal break outs, blocked pores, pigmentation, sun damage and skin rejuvenation. 
This peel is pain free and takes about 2 Min to apply therefore quick and easy to add in to your beauty appointment. Be sure to check out the specials page for this fabulous skin treatment. It has a slightly yellowish colour and is left on for approx 12 hrs before being washed off at home. This vitamin A peel is suitable for most except pregnant or breastfeeding women or those sensitive to glycolic peels in the past.
Your skin peels 2-5 days later. Avoid direct sun exposure post treatment and cease all other exfoliating products for 2 weeks following treatment.


Skinstitut Purple peel $120

Skinstitut Ageless peel $65

Skinstitut Aha Express peel $45

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