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Areola Tattooing Toowong

Areola Tattoo Toowong

Perfect Brow Design offers cosmetic treatments like areola tattoo in Toowong. Areola Tattooing has become the most recognised treatment for breast cancer survivors after surgery. Realistic designs of areola and nipples are tattooed post-mastectomy, helping the survivors gain their self-confidence back.

You can’t have this treatment done until the scar tissue has fully healed. So that’s a case by case basis depending on your personal circumstances, types of surgery done, and cancer treatments. It is highly recommended to seek the advice of medical professionals, like your doctor or surgeon, before undergoing this procedure.

During the appointment, expect the following:

  • A detailed consultation and review of the process where any questions are answered and placement, nipple style, and colours are discussed.
  • Depending on the tattoos you want done, appointment may take around 1 – 3 hours.
  • Colour swatches are prepared to match your skin tone and the desired appearance.
  • For unilateral mastectomy, the natural areola is matched as best as possible.
  • For bilateral mastectomy, the areola’s placement, shape, and size are discussed and drawn. This is to visualise how it will complement the breasts and create balance and symmetry.
  • Once the design preparation is complete, the process will start which will take around 30 – 50 minutes per nipple.

A follow-up appointment after 8-10 weeks is needed to check if the colour, shape, and other details need adjustments. Got questions about our areola tattoo in Toowong? Call us!

Please complete the Medical Consent Form and bring it along to your appointment with Celeigh.