Lip Tattooing

Sexy Full Lip Blush Tattooing $450

Lip Blush Tattooing/ Candy Lips $450

Full lipColour $450

Lip line $250

Perfection visit 8 weeks after initial $100

Additional Perfection visit after 12 months $200

Please note: $100 deposit is required when booking to hold and confirm your appointment slot, No refunds given or exceptions made.


Lip tattooing or Micro-pigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing can appear to change the size, shape and age of the lips to make them look fuller and youthful. It can prevent lipstick bleeding and camouflages facial lines around the lips as a result of aging, camouflages uneven lip pigment due to natural pigment loss or scarring. Restore the shape and natural colour to your lips, improve your existing shape and correct asymmetrical outline for a more proportionate shape mouth.

Lip Blush Tattooing

Lip Blush Tattooing is a technique and colour choices creates a natural, blush, candy or just bitten look to the lips and is different to full lips as less pigment is implanted overall to the whole lip. Blush lip tattooing uses a small needle and works softly on the lips to very gently implant the colour without creating too heavy of a lip-liner/border appearance. Colours are chosen for your desired results and skin tones, but the overall aim is to give lips life and a natural tint without being too dramatic.
You may need 1 or 2 appointments approx 6-8 weeks apart to create your perfect pout.

Please read and follow instructions carefully and refer to Treatment Information.

There is minimal discomfort following your treatment however there is a possibility of swelling.  Your therapist will give you or ask you to purchase an aftercare cream, Bepanthen Antiseptic Soothing Cream. (After care cream may either be supplied or purchased from a Pharmacy).

**Please note antiviral medications are necessary for any person who suffers with the cold sore virus. This must be disclosed when booking your appointment as antivirals must be taken one week prior and one week post treatment.

Use a smear only approximately 4 times per day for 5-7 days.  Do not use any other aftercare on your new Tattoo.  

Note: Do not use Paw Paw cream!

Day 1               NO soap or cleansers on the treated area for 5 days.  No lip makeup for 10 days.

Day 1-5           Rinse area gently daily pat dry and apply your aftercare cream.

The area where the tattoo has been applied MUST BE KEPT MOIST for successful healing, without over-scabbing.  NO picking the tattooed area as colour can come away whilst bonding. Colour will at times look lighter as it continues to heal. True colour is seen at approximately 6 weeks.

Looking after your Micro pigmentation/Cosmetic Tattoo.

After the first week apply sun block over your Cosmetic Tattoo.  Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and colour change.

Cover the Tattoo with Vaseline when swimming in salt or chlorinated water to avoid bleaching effect.  Any chemicals of any kind could interfere with the bonding process.  Any Glycolic Acid or Peels must be kept completely away from the Tattoo as it seems to lighten the colour with constant continuous use. Check moisturisers and cleansers as they can also fade tattoo colour if they contain Vitamins.

Colours will appear brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure, colours will lighten and soften in three to ten days.  Often clients think they have lost their colour, it has lightened too much. This is the reason your adjustments have to wait to be done after 6-8 weeks.


It is common to get swelling on the lip and more so on a full lip tattoo.  If lips are very swollen use a cold pack for 5 mins every few hours over next 24 hours to reduce swelling.  There is minimal discomfort, only dryness on the lip.

Additionally you will have been asked if you suffer from the cold sore virus which may lie dormant in the body for years, if you have this virus you may got a cold sore on the 4th day after your procedure, then use Zovirax Cream.  You can also take Famvir (you can obtain this from the pharmacy).  Famvir is an antiviral drug and it slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus so that the body can fight off the infection.  Famvir will not cure herpes, but it can lessen the symptoms of the infections.

The colour after a few days will be lighter, after 4-6 weeks the true colour will show through.  The colour will look a little different at various times of the day, due to your own skin responses and different lighting will show a slight colour change.  Lipstick cannot be worn for 5 days the cream will give a gloss look anyway.  Expect lips to peel until fully healed.

If needed a touch up colour 6-8 weeks is an option if there are any colour variances. If you do have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your tattooist.


Please complete the Medical Consent Form and bring it along to your appointment with Celeigh.

NB: The client must source and apply their own anaesthetic for their cosmetic tattooing procedure.
All information regarding this will be provided by Perfect Brow Design.

Perfect Brow Design has a full Personal Appearance Service License from the Brisbane City Council and uses only new equipment.