Lip Blush and Candy Lip Tattooing, How to get perfect lips !

Pucker Up That Pout with the Candy Lip Tattooing or otherwise known as Lip Blush Tattooing they are the same treatment!
What is Candy Lip Tattooing or Lip Blush Tattooing? This will be explained in this blog for all of the current up to date beauty gurus and the inquisitive beauty aspirers ! This trend is also taking over major cities such as New York, check out the below link.

Lets start here ladies, for all you who are not yet aware of the beauty advances including cosmetic tattooing , the concept of tattooing or any injectable for beauty can be a really scary concept, wouldn’t you agree ? I mean many women still would cringe at the thought of getting a a Lip Tattoo but remember when Botox first came out and now it is as common as visiting the dentist ?
Lip tattooing or Candy Lips will certainly become the “normal”  in time also as its becoming widely popular ! To be honest it’s so fantastic if done to perfection it could seriously override popularity of Feather Brows which is also a wonderful beauty advancement. So lets get to it for those of you who are now curious and ready today to step out of the box! This blog can give you the basic info you need so that you can learn about this new beauty trend and get the info you need to take the plunge to the bright and sexy side ! Firstly lets provide you with the knowledge about an amazing new breakthrough that can make the perfect pout 24/7. The term is called Candy Lip Tattoo or Lip Blush Tattoo, this beauty treatment/ cosmetic tattooing treatment will simplify your makeup process daily and hourly by the technique of implanting soft pink pigment in the lip skin for that just “bitten a cherry look” sounds hot right ?!
Beautiful plump lips can be an addition to the beautiful look of any woman with any existing lip shape or colour. For these above reasons the concept of lip tattooing is getting a lot of hype among women, as it provides the beautiful pink lips women have always been wishing for !
About lip tattooing!
Since the beauty industry has taken the leap towards the concept of cosmetic tattooing, women are now replacing their lipsticks with the benefit of semi-permanent lip colour, reaching out to the cosmetic tattooists to tint their lips with Lip Blush to have a natural look with without the look of filler or full on lipstick or just simply not having to apply lipstick hourly.
In saying that there is nothing wrong with opting for filler as it is a different treatment,  in this blog we are just simply pointing out Lip Tattooing can make your lips look more full and with a sexy stain to add !
The process involves gently inserting the colored pigments into the skin that will give the lips the blushed look NOT a dated block of colour tattoo with a liner that can look harsh . It is always advisable to get the lip tattooing done by the expert cosmetic tattooists @ Perfect Brow design who has extensive experience and skills and they have the best understanding about the way of choosing the right colour pigment and a shape that suits every woman unique features.
The Craze of Women towards Lip Tattoo !
Women these days are really fond of enhanced lips, but natural is still the brief for most ! Repeat NATURAL !! FYI Lip Blush Tattoo or Candy Lips will not just give women a natural pink colour to the lips but can also make them look enhanced without any surgery or filler. Women who have wanted this look but not known how to get it can now have it all with little effort and it’s virtually painless. If you have always wanted that just “bitten a cherry” look to your lips Candy Lip Tattoo is definitely the perfect option. Lip blush or Candy Lips will deliver The look of a constant pout, slight flush of colour and not to mention minimal healing time no wonder these are all the amazing factors which make the treatment of lip tattooing irresistible.
Now you know all about the concept of Candy Lip/ Lip Blush Tattooing, reach out to the best salon and let the expert cosmetic tattooists to give your lips that naturally pretty look 24/7! 

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