Feather Touch Brows in Brisbane
Feather Touch Brows in Brisbane

Brow Mapping is Key for Feather Touch Brows and all Eyebrow Services !

What exactly is Brow Mapping ? Brow Mapping is key for Feather Touch Brows and all Brow Tattooing and precision Eye Brow Waxing. Brow Mapping uses a coloured string to line up exactly where your Eye Brow boundary and shape should sit on your face. Brow Mapping is an advanced skill that all experienced tattooists and beauty therapists utalise to get you the “Perfect” shape for your face! Salons that wish to achieve the perfect brows and Feather Touch Brows are now all using this technique to gain the symmetry their clients rightly so should demand ! https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.elle.com/uk/beauty/make-up/news/amp29627/how-to-map-your-brows/

Brow Mapping is accurate and delivers the perfect shape for your perfect Feather Touch Brows and all Brow grooming !
Brow mapping before your Feather Touch Brow tattooing is very important for the end result. To have the perfect Feather Touch Brows you must start with the perfect shape to fill in with strokes. Brow Mapping could take from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the correction or filling that is needed with the Feather Touch Brows technique. This process is critical in getting the most symmetrical and customised brow shape to compliment the face. This technique is not only used for Feather Touch Brows and Powder Brows but also when a new client has their first visit for waxing or Henna Brows. Never go ahead with any tattooing procedure without clear Brow Mapping as the final result could end up uneven. Brisbane has many operators using Brow Mapping, here at Perfect Brow Design every Brow treatment starts with Brow Mapping, hence the business name, mind the punt ‘Perfect’ Brow Design.

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